Tips for Furnishing an Apartment or Condo

Hi, guys! It’s been a minute since my last post because I’ve been very busy in my personal life, but I’m back with some more helpful tips! I purchased a 1 bedroom condo for myself earlier this year and am finally finished furnishing it. A lot of work went into my space, but I am here to give you some tips on how to make things easier for whenever you guys may do the same! I am especially here to speak to other single guys and gals who may have to do things on their own as well.

  1. Have Someone Else Furnish for You – We’ll start with the easiest way to furnish a new place – you can let someone do it for you! This method works best if you need to move into a new apartment and you don’t want to commit to a long term lease or buying furniture yet. Obviously, furniture has a high up front cost and wherever you may end up permanently may have a very different floor plan, so it can be hard to commit to furniture when the future is unknown. These kinds of issues can be avoided by letting a company like Furnished Apartments Atlanta give you access to pet friendly furnished apartments in Atlanta. They offer short term leases with fully furnished units that are great for times when the future is unknown.
  2. Secure Your Place First – If you are buying a place like I did, then make sure everything is signed on the dotted line before you start buying furniture. If you are purchasing a home with a mortgage, your mortgage company will be keeping track of your finances until the day you close, Because furniture does have high up front costs, many people choose to finance their furniture, which requires a hard check on a credit report most of the time. The actual financing itself also changes your debt ratio, which can affect the factors of your mortgage. As a result, it is best to wait to buy financed furniture until after closing so that it will not have any effects on your closing. This can be unfortunate if you want to move in immediately after closing because acquiring furniture can be a slow process, but it is best to play things safe.
  3. Research Ahead of Time – If you want to purchase furniture, it is best to research what you want ahead of time. Like I said above, you can’t purchase anything prior to closing if you want to finance, but you can be prepared with what you want to purchase so that you’re good to purchase right after closing. Furniture is also notorious for having long lead times, so it can take multiple months from your date of purchase before it is finally delivered. It can also be hard to start coordinating pieces once the furniture starts arriving, so it’s best to have pieces that go together picked out beforehand. Unfortunately, it can be very tough to return furniture, so it’s best to color coordinate and measure ahead of time.
  4. Think About Who Will Be Using the Furniture – Do you have pets and younger children that will be using the furniture? If so, it’s best to pick fabrics and colors that may be resistant to stains and wear and tear. For example, I have a dog that I let on my couch, so I knew that it was best to pick out a microfiber couch because stains and marks can very easily be buffed out of the material with the proper cleanser. It can be tough to pick out lighter colored furniture when you are dealing with kids and pets, but I actually picked out a light aqua couch because I chose microfiber for the fabric. All of the little paw prints and even some areas where I spilled wine have been able to be removed.

Choosing how to furnish your new place can be a lot of work, but I hope that I’ve been able to provide some helpful tips as you get brainstorming. What you choose to put inside your new place is just as important as deciding to get the place itself because what’s inside truly makes it feel like home. If any of you have any questions about what it’s like to purchase a condo or purchase a place by yourself, please feel free to reach out.

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