Tips for Preparing for Moving Day

Hey, guys! It has been a minute since I’ve posted and so many big life events have happened in the mean time! Some of you may have seen on Instagram that I got a puppy, started a new job in fashion, and bought a condo in Atlanta all within the span of a month, so it has been crazy over here! Today I want to focus on the condo part as I prepare for my closing and move in day!

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To give you guys some background, once I got and signed my new job offer back in February, I immediately started looking for a condo in Atlanta since I finally knew that I was going to be settling in Atlanta with my new job. Surprisingly, I found the perfect condo the first day that my agent took me out to look at properties and I made an offer 2 days later! I accepted a very fair counteroffer that same day and bam, here we are about to close in 2 weeks! Here is the list I am making for myself as to-dos as I prepare to actually move in:

  1. Contact a Locksmith – You want your new place to be as safe and secure as possible, which means you need the locks changed as soon after closing as possible. Contacting a locksmith and getting an appointment set up beforehand can take one of the stresses of closing day away.

2. Purchase a Security System – This goes right along with #1, you want your new place to be secure, especially if you are not able to move in right away to look after it. As an example, I won’t be able to move in right away because I am going to have some painting and repairs done prior to move in, but I am going to install a home security system right after closing in order to ensure my place is safe. There are many options out there, so research which system is best for you, but I will be purchasing this because it is perfect for a condo setting.

3. Find a Moving Company – This one can be a big task because there are so many options and different ways to move depending on how far you are moving and how much stuff you have. Your options also vary by where you currently live since you’ll be moving from there, but If you are in the Athens, GA or the surrounding Northeast Georgia areas, give Gameday Moving Services a call for a quote. They are perfectly equipped to help with local as well as long distance residential moves. They can even help with your Athens, GA business relocation needs if you need specialty moving services for commercial purposes.

4. Set up Homeowner’s Insurance – If you are obtaining a mortgage to purchase your new home, you will likely have done this during the processing of your mortgage, but it is so important to mention nonetheless. Since you are making an investment in a home, you want to protect that investment as well as all of the things inside the home, so do your homework on what type of insurance you will need for your property. I have a very specific policy that is tailored to condos, but policies can vary quite a bit depending on the size of your home and value of possessions within. Call around and get a couple of different quotes before you make this major decision.

5. Set up Walk Throughs for Repairs and Renovation Projects – If you are having any repairs made or starting any renovation projects prior to move in, you will want to set up walk through appointments with potential companies that can provide these services to you. You will want to do this as soon as possible after closing to get the ball rolling on your projects so that you can move in sooner rather than later. I am about to start the process of contacting electricians and painters for my projects, but most companies can’t give you an accurate quote until they come out and assess the work that needs to be done at the property. Some sellers will also be very kind and allow for these walkthrough appointments to take place prior to closing, so keep that in mind if you need the work done ASAP.

6. Update Your Address – This one sounds simple, but can be an undertaking depending on how many places your address lives. Prior to moving day, you will want to make sure to change your address and set up forwarding instructions with the postal service, but there are many other places you will want to update it as well. These include your bank, employer, credit card/financing companies, auto/health insurance, subscription services, frequent companies where you purchase online (ie. Amazon), and so many others.

I cannot wait to get into my new home and start interior decorating with you all, but until then I will be busy working on this to do list! If you can think of any other important things for me to do prior to moving in, please leave comment or shoot me a DM. As a first time homebuyer, this can be a daunting process.

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