I Have Been Watching Way Too Much HGTV in Quarantine

Please note that this post is sponsored by Brazilian Wood Depot, but all opinions are my own.

The seemingly never-ending work from home cycle that began In March of this year is still going strong and as a result, I have had way more time on my hands than usual to watch TV. What have I been watching you may ask? I have been deep in the dramas like The Crown and Suits, but have also found a new appreciation for HGTV. I have always had a special place in my heart for House Hunters and Fixer Upper, but quarantine has given me time to get into Christina on the Coast, Windy City Rehab, My Lottery Dream Home, and more!

My recent obsession with these shows and this new phase of my life where all of my friends purchase homes have got me thinking a lot about the features that I want in my dream home someday. Since I use this blog as a way to express myself, I want to welcome you into my Pinterest dreams as I take you through my most wanted future home features below. Let’s do it!

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1. A Fireplace – You never realize how key this feature is to the living area until you start seeing houses without one. It is a focal point for decoration as well as the perfect centerpiece for the living room when it is placed in the right spot. Imagine laying down on your couch facing the fireplace and the TV is mounted above the fireplace. It’s cold outside and the fire is burning while you watch your favorite show. Doesn’t this sound so cozy? Also, imagine what it would be like at Christmas if you had nowhere to hang the stockings for your family members. That’s a weird thought, right?

2. A Deck and Outdoor Patio Area in the Backyard – I absolutely love being outdoors when the weather is nice, so having an outdoor space where I can entertain and enjoy is very important to me. I love just sitting outside and watching a nice sunset with my loved ones. When I think about the space, I want to have a large open deck with patio furniture and outdoor heaters so the space can be enjoyed all year long. I also want a fire pit area in the yard so that we can enjoy sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows in the colder months. I actually got the idea for these areas from my parents’ house where they have both. If you also dream of a beautiful deck in your backyard, check out Brazilian Wood Depot and the amazing real wood decking that they can create for your home. They are the South’s largest importer of Brazilian Hardwood and can also help with your siding and flooring needs.

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3. An Open Kitchen and Living Room Concept – Can you guys believe that we ever allowed all the rooms in our homes to be closed off? My childhood home was like this, but I can’t ever imagine having that now. Home designers have showed us that we can narrow down the amount of inner walls within our home and have large open spaces with rooms that flow into each other. I particularly love the idea of having a roomy kitchen area (with an island of course!) that opens up the living room so that time with loved ones can be enjoyed whether it’s time to cook, catch your favorite show, or lounge around. You can even do multiple of these activities at the same time with the open concept! As a parent, the open concept also makes it easier to keep an eye on what your kids are up to.

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4. Custom Closet – You guys look to me for fashion advice, so, as you can probably imagine, my closet is rather extensive. I am currently running out of room for the new additions to my collection. As a result, I constantly dream about what it would be like to have a customized walk in closet with dedicated areas for certain clothing types, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories. I’d especially love to be able to display my designer pieces because those investments are true pieces of art. This one is every girl’s dream and I am no exception. Guess we’ll have to find another space for my future husband’s clothes because this shoe collection keeps growing.

5. Natural Light – I am all about having a positive attitude and a bright mood, but sometimes I struggle with having these when I haven’t been seeing enough sunlight. Everybody knows the struggles of seasonal depression that winter brings, so it is important to me to be able to have as much sunlight during the daylight hours as I can. When we are glued to our computers working all day, the best way to have some natural light boost our mood is through a window. It is essential to me that my future home has lots of windows to help keep a smile on my face. Many scoff at the idea of having lots of windows because it can increase the cost of your electricity bill, but there are many innovative window types today that can seal out very warm and very cold air.

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