It’s Wedding Season!

Summer is in full swing, so what does that mean for a lot of us? That means that it’s wedding season! If you are like me, all of your friends decide to get married in the summer, so that means that you need an outfit to wear to every wedding! I am here to help by showing you my favorite website to get a last minute dress, as well as the dress I recently wore (pictured above).

Revolve is an online clothing store based out of Los Angeles. They have trendy styles aimed at people in their 20’s to early 30’s. One of the reasons they are one of my favorite stores for last minute buys is because they have free two day shipping on everything! Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for me to get caught up in work and all the chores I need to do, so sometimes I miss out on ordering an outfit until the last minute for events like weddings. Revolve always has me covered for these last minute instances. You may think that Revolve has some pretty hefty prices upon first glance, but there are many deals to be found there. There are always a large amount of items marked down in the “sale” section of the website, and these are often deeply discounted prices. Revolve also has a couple of in-house brands like “Superdown” that boast much cheaper prices.

The dress I am wearing in the above photo from a friend’s recent wedding is from the in-house brand “Superdown” and is listed here for $68. I am wearing an extra small and I have included an up close photo of the fabric below. I ordered this dress the week prior to the wedding and it came in two days as promised. As a petite woman, I’m never sure how the length of clothing items are going to fit. So, when ordering something at this last minute like this, I tend to look for adjustable straps to ensure that I will be able to adjust the length as needed for a good fit.

Before ordering anything online, I also always check my trusty RetailMeNot website to see if there are any online promo codes that I can use. Revolve always has a 10% off deal if you enter “CANDY” in the promo code box at checkout. Please note that this code does not work on new arrivals.

I am going to list a couple of my favorite Revolve wedding guest dress deals below for any of you that may be in need of ideas. Stay tuned for a future post on my favorite accessories for wedding guest dresses! I’m going to another wedding this weekend! 😉

  1. Cora Mini Dress
  2. Garden Strolls Dress
  3. Valentina Strapless Blazer Dress
  4. Maci Lace Skater Dress
  5. X Revolve Nanda Dress
  6. Janice Mini Dress
  7. Sandra Midi Dress
  8. Kayden Mini Dress
An up close photo of the fabric from my dress.

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